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  • This is our curated list of 'top tools' that recruiters need for 2024

This is our curated list of 'top tools' that recruiters need for 2024

This is our curated list of 'top tools' that recruiters need for 2024


How are we in December already? It’s a bit scary how quickly this year has passed us by, but I’m sure a lot of us are excited for 2024 after the ups and downs that we’ve faced this year.

In true Limitless Learning fashion, you’ll know that every year we put together a guide for you, and this year is no different!

So, without further ado - we’ve listed all the tools you’ll need for 2024, as well as some Christmas reading to go with your mulled wine.


Project Management + Organisation


If you’re a long-term subscriber, you’ll be familiar with the Pomodoro technique that I’ve spoken about many times. The reality is, there’s no way that anybody can focus for 8 hours a day.


We have been using Trello for years here at Limitless Learning. It’s a great way for managers to track team's tasks and, in essence, manage larger projects.

You can also create interactive boards for clients to look at - a much sleeker way of providing updates!


This is a new entry, but one that I think is worth talking about. Great for small recruitment business owners, LastPass is an incredibly secure way to store and share passwords.

This saves you a bunch of time when you have a number of your team sharing LinkedIn licences 😉


We use this tool every single day and have built our entire playbooks for our company on Notion.

It's extremely versatile, and you can use it for so many things - if you want somewhere to document all of your systems & processes as a team or business, then I would highly recommend checking out Notion.


Do you always have a never-ending to-do list? Same.

ToDoist in essence, helps to keep you organised. You can use it on your phone or your laptop, and keep all of your necessary tasks in one designated place.


If you haven’t got Calendly yet, please let 2024 be the year that you do have it. Organise your calendar and book meetings seamlessly - it doesn’t get simpler than that.

Other Tools I Know People Love Using For This Category: Monday, AirtableClick Up & Asana


LinkedIn Tools


Interestingly enough, I know a lot of recruiters maximise Sales Navigator, but this isn't something all recruiters use as they mainly use LinkedIn Recruiter - something to consider.


This has been the most common LinkedIn automation tool I have heard recruiters use this year; personally, I don't advocate using automation tools like this and stay away from them.

My LinkedIn is way too valuable to potentially have taken from me, but I do know a lot of recruiters have loved using this tool.


For those of you serious about your personal branding on Linkedin this could be a tool well worth checking out as it packages up all of the insights you need to know about your Linkedin audience and reach.


Every now and again, I hear a recruiter rave about this, so I wanted to include it.

This tool offers you insights into the person you're engaging with to give you the best chance of communicating in the way the person likes to be communicated with.


AI Interview + Notetaking Tools


I have been using these types of tools for a while now, and Metaview is the first recruitment-specific AI notetaking tool I have come across.

Why I think it is so smart is because it produces notes in question-and-answer format so your candidate qualification + job qualification notes are all taken care of.

It can do a lot more than this, but if you want a tool that will save you a bunch of time that is made with the recruitment context in mind, you have to check these guys out.


I use this daily it's a solid AI meeting tool.


This is the other tool I see joining my meetings the most if people use these types of tools.


Sales engagement tools


The modern-day recruiter approaches their business development + candidate acquisition with a multi-channel approach.

Sourcewhale enable you to do this all from one platform plus so much more.


You can use this tool for your data + sequencing - well worth checking out and I know a lot of recruiters use this tool.


Same as the above, I always hear great things about this product, particularly for the US market.


All the tools you need to be looking at if you want to level up your video outreach plus a lot more.

Other tools I always hear about in this category: SalesloftOutreachCognismLusha and Kaspr


Investment insight tools


I think most people have heard of or used Crunchbase, but these are the other tools I always hear come up Beauhurst, 6sense + Selligence


Training + Skill development tools


We can't deliver this edition without mentioning our own tool, now can we 😉

For those of you thinking about how you're going to enable your team to outperform this year's performance, we're a platform that will help you achieve just that and ensure you get the most out of your people.

There we have it, our round-up of tools for recruiters.